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Superior's First Coworking Space

The Library



About The Library

The Library is a coworking space and business incubator made to give small businesses and startups a space, a community, and the resources needed to succeed. Residing in the historic Carnegie Library at 1204 Hammond Ave, The Library will be Superior's first coworking space. The Library has begun construction and will open Winter of 2019. Join us as we create a community and work to benefit the small businesses of Superior.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking is a solution for small businesses, independent contractors, and free-lancers, creating a place where they can succeed and grow. Multiple businesses and individuals share space and create a community that promotes networking, business sense, and expertise. Choose a desk or a seat at the café. Select a permanent space, or lease a private office. The benefits of coworking are the professional and creative community that surrounds you, the free use of these historic halls, and the many shared amenities that the facility provides.

In addition to simply offering space, The Library offers general business services, high-tech amenities, immersive professional support, and great coffee.

What utilities will be available?

  1. High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the building

  2. Communal areas will have multiple accessible duplex and USB outlets

  3. Reserved desks will have one pair of duplex outlets

  4. Reserved floor space will have two pairs of duplex outlets

  5. Additional electrical outlets and water connections are available for office leases as a fitup expense

  6. Water and 240v connections are available in the Maker-Space for pre-approved equipment use

About the Founders

Andy and Kristen Osterlund, Osterlund Architects

“Andy Osterlund, who has many relatives in Superior, is the founder of Osterlund Architects PLLC, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s a developer who believes Superior is on the economic upswing, ripe for an office complex model that focuses on small business start-ups and entrepreneurs, offering easily manageable, collaborative space in a coworking environment. And he believes the Carnegie building on Hammond Avenue is the perfect place to create this environment.” From Positively Superior magazine. Continue reading.